Say tur Car Rental is a company established in 2001 in Kayseri Centre with completely domestic capital. Our company started its journey in 2001 in the field of "Car Rental and Vip Transfer" on a stable and successful way in the field of Car Rental service with experienced expert staff and friendly staff, together with the honour and pride of presenting it to its valuable and valuable customers in a quality and safe way, and in the Car Rental Sector Kayseri Airport-Cappadocia Tuz köy Airport and the surrounding provinces by creating a large customer portfolio is in the effort and effort of growing day by day.

Say tur Car Rental; As an innovative company in the sector, Kayseri Erkilet Airport Nevşehir Tuz köy Airport is a company with high service quality in accordance with all standards in Europe. All of the vehicle fleet is 2017-2018 and 2019 models and all routine checks and maintenance are regularly monitored and precautions are taken against possible risks. In addition, Traffic Insurance, Casco and Personal Accident-Theft insurance policies of all vehicles serving our company are completed by us and kept under follow-up.
It has been the face of quality for 17 years in the sector without compromising on this issue, which prioritises customer satisfaction by taking delivery of the vehicle it has rented with its staff who welcomes with a smiling face as soon as it gets off the plane, with specially equipped vehicles for our local or foreign customers coming from Europe and expatriates. With each passing day, Customer Quality and Portfolio are being renewed every year and the fleet is increasing every year compared to other years.

In order to respond to the needs of our customers, we are constantly conducting market research and customer request questionnaires placed in the vehicles, and we deliver solutions to us in line with the wishes and expectations of both the customers and the complaints about the company, and we carry out customer rights impartially and fairly and we keep this at the forefront of our duties.

Our company, which provides free car park entry-exit facilities to customers who want to rent a car at Kayseri Erkilet Airport, does not take any collateral such as Credit Card-Set-Deposit Provision from its customers. All vehicles are Rent a Car Kaskolu and do not make any demands from customers in case of accidents. All our vehicles are on behalf of the company and no vehicles are operated on behalf of individuals. Customers who rent a car from Say tour car rental are always happy and continue their travels with a smiling face. Except for Kayseri Airport, our company, which responds to the demands of customers who request vehicles at Nevşehir-Sivas-Konya-Adana-İzmir-Ankara-Antalya Airport, is proud to serve our valued customers with 100 vehicles and 25 brands in the winter months and 150 vehicles and 40 brands in the summer period.

Our company, which knows the expectations of its customers very well, continues its way as a company in line with the demands and demands of its customers at all hours of the day with its quality, intelligent and hardworking staff with the ability to provide instant and easy solutions to the demands with the awareness that the Basic Principles of our company are Quality-Sincerity-Trust and Customer Satisfaction Oriented.

We owe our gratitude to you, our valued customers, who have contributed to the arrival of Say tur car hire here today, and we owe endless thanks to the intensive and relevance you have shown by knowing a debt of gratitude.

Say tur Car Hire Board of Directors.

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