Reservation Conditions

Validity Conditions and Aftermath of Reservations Made Online

1-It is necessary to fill in the blanks in the form completely when making reservations online. Please make sure that you have written your contact information correctly and completely...
2-Name, surname information, communication, and email address are mandatory fields that must be filled in completely.
3-When your reservation request is received, depending on the availability of the vehicle, you will be informed within 24 hours whether it is positive or negative.If the vehicle is not available, a different model and brand equivalent vehicle can be provided.
4-If the vehicle is not available, a different model and brand equivalent vehicle can be provided.
4-If there is no availability in the requested vehicle, your request will be approved or canceled depending on your positive or negative response to the alternative vehicle option.
5-Reservations made before boarding the plane, if you do not send the flight ticket details after the reservation, we would like to state that we have the right to cancel your reservation request.
6-After the reservation is confirmed, our call center and customer representative will contact you both by your contact number and by the electronic mail sent to your email address.
7-Reservation cancellation request can be made 12 hours before the reservation pick-up time. In canceled reservations at the airport, a service fee of 30 Euros is charged for vehicle delivery.
8-You can cancel the reservation process from our WhatsApp line at +90 535 555 83 29 or our contact number at +90 352 222 43 66.
9-During the vehicle delivery process, there will be a staff member waiting for you with your name written on a board at the International or Domestic Terminal Exit Gate  according to your flight code, and your vehicle will be ready for delivery in the parking lot, cleaned and disinfected.
10-Our staff will complete the car rental process at the airport and send you on your way without taking up much of your time. For car rental, Turkish citizens need their ID card, driver's license, and for foreigners, a passport is required. If the driver's license is lost, a document proving the loss must be presented.
11-Payment is made to the staff member who delivers the vehicle at the airport. Credit card, provision, or promissory note is not required.
12-Extra requested items such as child seat, navigation, extra mileage package, and comprehensive insurance without deductible can be purchased for an additional fee.They can be added to the contract.
13-In case of an accident or breakdown of the vehicle, a replacement vehicle is provided within 24 hours depending on the availability of the insurance provider. After the vehicle is towed to the service with a tow truck in case of an accident or breakdown, the process of providing a replacement vehicle begins. The car rental company does not provide a replacement vehicle. The insurance tour assistance company provides the replacement vehicle service.Our 24/7 customer service directs you to contracted services in every part of Turkey to resolve your problems related to technical issues. We provide uninterrupted service in this regard.
Saytur Car Rental Wishes You Pleasant Journeys...

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