Car Rental Agreement

Car Rental Agreement
1- The Car Rental Agreement is a form arranged between the Lessor and the Lessee. This form is a contract that includes the Rental Car's Pick-up and Return Dates, Rental Hours, Rental Period, Pick-up and Return Locations, Amount to be Paid, and Lessee's ID Number (Passport Number if Foreign), Driver's License Number, Full Address, and Contact Information.
2- The Lessor has accepted all the Articles and Conditions under the heading "General Conditions."
3- The Lessee must present the originals of their Driver's License, ID, and Passport to the Rental Company.
4- The Driver renting the Car must have a minimum of 4 years of Driver's License for Economy Class Cars A-B Group and 26 years of age and 6 years of Driver's License for C-D Group Cars.
5- The Rental Period is a minimum of 7 days or more. The Lessee Company has the right to cancel reservations between 1-3 days depending on the availability of the Car.
6- In case of delay in the Car Return Date and Time stated in the Rental Agreement, there is a 2-hour Option between 08:00 and 20:00, and a 1-hour Delay Option between 21:00 and 07:00. If these time frames are exceeded, a daily Rental Fee will be charged.
7- Customers renting the Car cannot use it for Passenger or Cargo Transportation.
8- The rented Car cannot be used by anyone other than the person whose Name and Signature are on the Contract and the Additional Driver listed on the Contract. If used, the Insurance and Collision Damage Waiver will be void, and the Lessee will be responsible for all damages.
9- The Lessee cannot take the rented Car abroad.
10- HGS, HİGHWAY Fees, and Traffic Fines incurred during the Rental Period are the responsibility of the Lessee. In case of non-payment or objection, the Turkish Courts and Execution Offices are authorized.
11- The Lessor must return the Car in the same condition as it was received.
12- When renting, the Lessee can benefit from all rights by presenting the Additional Driver's Information and paying the Additional Driver Fee.
13- The insurance guarantee against third parties (within legal policy limits) is included in the rental fee. Optionally, a daily fee of 25 Euros must be paid  for personal accident insurance. To be valid, the Car must not be moved; a traffic accident and alcohol report must be obtained, the Lessee must not be found  completely at fault in the accident, and the Car must not be used under the influence of alcohol or drugs or outside the legal speed limits. In case of theft, a police or gendarmerie report is sufficient. Reports must be delivered to our office within 24 hours at the latest.
14-The rented vehicle has a daily mileage limit, and an additional fee of 3.75 is charged for exceeding the limit. There is no mileage limit for rentals of 14 days or more. The mileage limit is specified in the contract according to the day.
15-Payment for car rental is made at the airport. We do not have any requirements such as deposit, provision, or promissory note.
16-You can make the car rental payment with a credit card when you pick up the car.
17-When renting, by choosing MINI INSURANCE (LFC) that covers minor damages, an alcohol report obtained from a private hospital is not required for minor damages  that occur in the vehicle. There is no deductible for minor damages.
18-In order for the insurance and comprehensive coverage to be valid, in case of alcohol or drug use, the insurance and comprehensive coverage will be completely void. Similarly, exceeding the speed limits, driving in the wrong direction, hitting a stationary tree, a stationary wall, a person, or another vehicle will also be excluded from insurance and comprehensive coverage.
19-In order for the insurance and comprehensive coverage to be valid, an accident report must be prepared at the scene of the accident, photographs of the accident scene must be taken, and the accident and alcohol reports must be fully notified to the rental company within 48 hours.
20-In case of any breakdown or accident in the rented vehicle, you can contact the rental company and benefit from the replacement vehicle service. In case of an accident,after submitting the POLICE or GENDARMERIE(law enforcement) report to the rental company, the replacement vehicle will be delivered within 24 hours, depending on the situation of the insurance company's supplier.
21-In case of early return of the rented vehicle and the tenant giving up the vehicle, no refund of the rental fee will be made. The tenant remains liable until the remaining rental day. From customers who request a refund of the rental fee, the daily LFC insurance fee will be deducted from the total rental amount for the rented days, and a refund will be made.
22-Extra requests such as child seat, navigation, and roof rack include extra charges.
23-You can pick up the rented car from Kayseri Erkilet Airport and return it to Kayseri Erkilet Airport. There is no payment required for delivery and return at the airport.
24-In case of theft of the rented vehicle, if the key of the vehicle is with the tenant, they should apply to the nearest law enforcement authorities to obtain a stolen report or record. In case the key is not with the tenant at the time of theft, insurance and comprehensive coverage will be excluded. The tenant is responsible for all expenses.
(All rights reserved for these articles belong to Saytur Automotive Ltd. Co. Turkish Courts are applicable to anyone who uses or shares them for any purpose.)
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