Internet Reservation Validity Conditions and After

1- The blanks in the form must be filled in completely for Internet reservations. 
Please make sure that you have written your contact information correctly and completely...
2- Name, surname, contact and email address are mandatory fields that must be filled in completely.
3- When your reservation request is received, depending on the availability of the vehicle, you will be informed within 24 hours whether it is positive or negative. 
In case the vehicle is not available, a different model and brand equivalent vehicle may be provided.
4- If the requested vehicle is not available, a different model and brand equivalent vehicle can be provided based on your positive or negative response to the offer.
5- We would like to inform you that we have the right to cancel your reservation if you do not contact us and provide your flight ticket details before boarding the plane.
6- After the reservation is confirmed, our call center and customer representative will contact you both through your contact number and via the electronic mail sent to your email address to inform you about the confirmation.
7-Anfragen zur Stornier ung der Reservierung können 7 Tage vor dem Miettag Gestellt werden.Für Rezervierun gen,die  vor dem Einsteigen oder bei der Landung storniert werden.sowie für Rezervierungen,die wahrendder Fahrzeuglieferung zum Flughafen storniert werden,wird ein e Servicegebühr von 50 Euro Erhoben.
8- You can cancel your reservation by contacting us at +90 535 555 83 29 via WhatsApp or at  +90 352 222 43 66 via our contact number.
9- During the vehicle delivery process, there will be a staff member with a board displaying your name waiting for you at the exit gate of the domestic or international terminal according to your flight code. Your vehicle will be ready for delivery in the parking lot, cleaned and disinfected.
10- Our staff will complete the car rental process at the airport and escort you without taking up too much of your time. For car rental, you will need your ID card (for Turkish citizens), driver's license (for foreign nationals), and if the driver's license is lost, a document proving the loss must be presented.
11- Payment will be made to the staff member who delivers the vehicle at the airport. We do not require credit card, provision, or promissory note.
12- Additional requests such as child seat, navigation, extra mileage package, and comprehensive insurance without deductible can be purchased for an extra fee. These can be added to the contract.
13- In the event of an accident or breakdown, a replacement vehicle will be provided within 24 hours, depending on the availability of the insurance provider. After the vehicle is towed to the service center by a tow truck, the process of providing a replacement vehicle begins. The rental company does not provide the replacement vehicle service.The insurance tour assistance company provides the replacement vehicle service. For technical problems, our customer service is available 24/7 to direct you to affiliated service centers throughout Turkey to resolve any issues. We provide uninterrupted service in this regard.
Saytur Car Rental wishes you a pleasant journey...


1-Traffic and Alcohol Reports should be issued immediately after the accident. If the accident is bilateral,a copy of the registration certificate, insurance policies, and a photocopy of the driver's license from the other party should be obtained. Your documents should be given to the other party.

2- Customers who want to rent a car must know certain points before renting a car.Planning without knowing the car rental terms can waste your time and your holiday... Therefore,we recommend that you learn the car rental terms and make a healthy car rental by paying attention to the points mentioned below before deciding to rent car.
3- If the vehicle rented from Kayseri Airport Car Rental Company is used under the influence of alcohol, any substance, or above the speed limits, and if the person renting the vehicle is completely at fault, the person renting the vehicle will be held responsible for all damages and expenses that may occur...
What are the Car Rental Terms? 

1- The driver must be at least 24 years old... For Car Rental Companies and Insurance Companies, the driver who wants to rent a car must be at least 24 years old and have a 4-year driver's license...
2- License Period... For renting Eco A1-Eco A2-Eco A3 class vehicles,the driver must have a minimum of 4 years of driver's license, and for renting upper and luxury segment vehicles, the driver must have a minimum of 6 years of driver's license. For minibusses and midibusses, a minimum of 6 years of license period is required...

3- Additional Driver... The rented vehicle can be used by multiple people if specified during the rental and if additional insurance is paid. When the contract is prepared for
 additional drivers, it is mandatory to include their full name, driver's license number, passport number, and ID number in the rental contract. This way, the ADDITIONAL DRIVER can be included in the insurance and comprehensive coverage and benefit from all rights...
4- Mileage Limit. The rented vehicle should be within a certain limit per day, and in case of exceeding the mileage, an additional 1.75 cents per kilometer is charged. 
When renting, the option of unlimited mileage can be purchased for a certain fee. This can also be specified in the contract...
5- Payment Methods After the car rental process is completed, payment can be made to the personnel who delivered the vehicle by credit card or cash.
 During the rental, our company does not require credit cards, promissory notes, deposits, or provisions...Mini Damage Insurance When renting, you can choose MINI INSURANCE that covers minor damages, and in case of minor damages to the vehicle, no Police-Gendarmerie Report or Alcohol Report from Private Hospitals is required. There is no deductible or payment for minor damages.
6-Conditions for Insurance In order for the Insurance to be valid, if alcohol or drugs are used, the Insurance will be completely void. 
Similarly, exceeding the legal speed limits, driving against traffic, and using the vehicleby drivers not specified in the contract will exclude it from the Insurance coverage. 
In order for the Insurance to be valid, Traffic and Alcohol Reports must be kept complete and accurate at the time of the accident, photocopies of the documents of the other party must be obtained, and they must be submitted to the Rental Company within 48 hours at the latest.
7-During Vehicle Pickup and Return When picking up and returning the rented vehicle, all equipment and parts must be delivered correctly, and in case of any malfunctions that occur while the vehicle is rented, the Rental Company must be informed.
8-In case of breakdown or accident... In case of any breakdown or accident, you can contact the Rental Company to benefit from the replacement vehicle service. In case of an accident, after the Police-Gendarmerie Report is submitted to the Rental Company, the replacement vehicle is delivered within 24 hours, depending on the situation of the Insurance Company's supplier.
9-Extra Charges... Navigation, Child Seat (Baby Seat), Mini Insurance (Tire-Headlight-Glass Insurance) are extra charges, and you can request them from the Rental Company you rented from for a certain fee.
10-Vehicle Pickup and Return You can return the vehicles you rented from Saytur Car Rental to Kayseri Erkilet Airport and make the return process at Kayseri Airport. You can also leave the vehicle in a different city for a Drop Fee.
11-Traffic and Parking Fines All traffic fines and parking fines written between the hours and dates specified in the contract during the rental period are the responsibility of the tenant. The immobilization of the vehicle due to parking prohibition and drunk driving is not included in the rental period.
12-In case of theft In case of theft of the rented vehicle, if the key of the vehicle is with the tenant and there is a Stolen Report or Record obtained from the nearest law enforcement authorities, no claim can be made from the Insurance. If the vehicle is stolen and the key is not with the tenant, the Insurance will be void The tenant is responsible for all expenses.
13-The amounts of material compensation arising from damage to third parties are covered by compulsory liability insurance coverage.The customer is responsible for amounts not covered by the coverage limits.(Extra Compensation Amounts to be requested in accidents such as Death, Disability, Injury) (The rights of these articles are reserved by Saytur Automotive Ltd. All disputes will be subject to Turkish Courts for those who use and share them for any purpose)

Saytur Car Rental wishes you ENJOYABLE-PEACEFUL-SAFE Journeys...

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